I have been a fan of Classic vehicles since I was a kid. My Dad was a truck driver and my mom worked in the car business growing up. So I spent a lot of my free time in the garage learning everything I could about fixing cars. Aside from playing sports, my love for trucks and fixing them up to look lean and mean grew bigger. I sold thousands of vehicles in my early twenties and thirties. I always had a vision of what a truck should look like in my head as I sold each one. Eventually, I started convincing my previous employer to let me lift a few trucks and add accessories to see if this kind of customization would be a great selling point in Beaufort, South Carolina. One lifted truck sold, led to many others being sold as well. In 2016 I decided to launch my own business, and thats how MPD started. I have been truly blessed with all of my previous customers coming to me for work and word of mouth advertisement. I thoroughly enjoy and love my job!